About Nora

The company is founded by the family Raeven and started of as a traditional bakery in Noorbeek in 1906, where traditionally baked Limburger pies and breads were being sold.
Immediately after this, the family started with  the sales of Speculoos and Spritz Biscuits. Throughout the years, the company has developed itself more and more as a large producer of biscuits. As a result of the specialization and extension in the biscuit market, the bakery moved to a modern production facility in Gronsveld in April 1991, where all three production lines were in use. In 2015, a total new production facility has been opened in Maastricht. The focus of producing high quality products is also maintained in the new production facility. The products are successfully being sold on the national as well as on  the international market.
Nora Biscuits is located in the south of the Netherlands, in Maastricht. Maastricht has a very convenient location with regards to the geographic location with Belgium and Germany. Due to the very good infrastructure the company is easily accessible for  the rest of Europe as well as the port of Rotterdam or Antwerp.

What we do

Nora biscuits has its own packaging, but Private Label packaging is also a possibility. Almost 80% of the customers receives the products in Private Label packaging. Therefore, Nora Biscuits has a lot of experience with development of packaging together with the customer or for the customer. Of course the own standard Nora packaging can always be used.


Flexibility, customer orientation, quality and freshness are important starting points. With this core points Nora Biscuits is always trying to build and maintain good relationships on the national and international market. Thanks to the many years of experience of Nora Biscuits the products are successfully being sold.


Our vision is to monitor and follow-up with the trends on the market. Additionally, Social Responsible Entrepreneurship is very important. Besides reaching large target groups with our products, Nora Biscuits is also going to focus on a niche target group. In the future, Nora Biscuits tries to incorporate these in upcoming trends.


The company is located in Maastricht and has a very convenient location with regard to the border with Belgium and Germany. Due to the very good infrastructure the company is easily accessible for the rest of Europe.


Every day Nora Biscuits strives to provide the customers with the highest quality products. To ensure the quality of the products, these are only produced on order and freshness can be guaranteed. Besides that, Nora Biscuits uses one of the most modern means of production, linked to optimal process control and quality management. Nora Biscuits is IFS Higher Level certified. During the last years, there has been an increasing demand for Rainforest Alliance chocolate and RSPO palm oil.
Nora Biscuits finds these developments very important and wants to be able to offer these to its customers. Nora Biscuits is RSPO and UTZ certified and is allowed to process RSPO palm oil Mass Balance, Segregated and UTZ Chocolate. Furthermore, Nora Biscuits is also BIO (organic) certified since January 2016.


Nora Biscuits finds it important to consider our daily actions in relation to the future of the environment. There is constantly thought about improvements on this area. Our certifications, as well as the use of as much as possible certified raw materials, plays a large part in this.


Our modern production facility offers many possibilities. At one of our current production lines the mould can be switched. Therefore, there are many possibilities relating to the form of our biscuits, as well as several fillings, flavors and packaging. Flexibility is very important to be able to constantly anticipate to the needs of our customers. Our Quality Department ensures that the quality of our products is of the highest standard.


Nora Biscuits has an own Product Development Department where there is continuously worked on the development of new products and improvement of current recipes. As a result, Nora Biscuits has the possibility to develop a product in cooperation with the customer. Furthermore, the current trends are continuously being followed and applied.



Every year Nora Biscuits presents its products on three trade fairs:
- ISM in Cologne (January/February)
- PLMA in Amsterdam (May)
- Anuga in Cologne or the Sial in Paris (October).
During these fairs, our newest products are introduced, which makes it is well worth the effort to visit our stand.


Nora Biscuits produces special themed biscuits, which are inspired by the famous Dutch traditional decorated treats. Through the website www.geboortekoekjes.nl consumers can order our special Dutch biscuits themselves, which is a convenient and a nice alternative for the traditional biscuits. The biscuits will be single packed in a box with cheerful design. This makes the biscuits perfect to present as a gift.