Biscuits? Nora Biscuits!

Nora Biscuits is a producer of a wide range of biscuits. The products are successfully being sold on the national as well as on the international market.
Nora Biscuits is located in the south of the Netherlands, in Maastricht. The company is founded by the family Raeven and started of as a traditional bakery in Noorbeek in 1906, where traditionally baked Limburger pies and breads were being sold.


Almost 80% of the customers receives our products in Private Label packaging. Through many years of experience and specialism on this area, Nora Biscuits is a specialist with the development of Private Label packaging in cooperation with the customer.


Nora Biscuits uses one of the most modern means of production, linked to optimal process control and quality management. Nora Biscuits is IFS Higher Level BRC certified, Organic Certified, UTZ- and RSPO Certified.